What is WutKraken NFT?

a. WutKraken NFT is the first of its kind to hyper-localize the NFT space while tokenizing your experience on the blockchain. Centered around championing Seattle’s brand-new NHL team & the greater web3 community as a whole, this plug-and-play model is built for any city and with the intent of helping bridge the gap with those outside the web3 space

Experience tokenization?

a. Commemorate your experience at the Kraken game on the blockchain forever! Ticket winners will have the opportunity to work directly with our artist on a concept for your own custom-made NFT memorializing your time at the game (pictures/videos must be provided by you)

Is WutKraken NFT affiliated with the Seattle Kraken NHL team?

a. Not at all. We are Kraken season ticket holders and longtime Seattle sports fans.

What do you mean you’re “championing” the Kraken?

a. The WK Team has committed up to 20 (half!) of our Seattle Kraken season tickets to hodlers of this project and have already started reaching out to additional ticket holders to discuss expansion. At 50% Genesis sales, a portion of WK Team profits will be dedicated to flying virtual winners out to Seattle in the hopes of growing the fanbase to an international level.

What do you mean “Up to” 20 games….?

a. The WK Team is committing a minimum of 5 games per season to this project. More will be dedicated (up to 20) as various milestones of our Genesis Launch are reached:

  • 25% sale = 6 games

Will there be any more games/seats added over time?

a. Oh yeah. And not only for the Kraken…Mariners, Seahawks, Sounders, and eventually the Sonics. Comedy events. Concerts…

What do you mean you’re “championing” web3 as a whole?

a. Using slap sticker QR code/NFC ad campaigns, our aim is to provide the public with tangible access to our favorite web3 resources in real world environments.

  • “What the Puck…..is an NFT?!”

…all answered by our favorite web3 content creators

What is the total volume of tokens for this project?

a. 1180 WutKraken Genesis Mint Passes will be available to start. These hodlers will ultimately decide the total volume of this project as we roll into our seasonal mint model in Q3/Q4. Most of the structure we’ve put in place was created with a standard 10k volume project in mind

What is the WutKraken Genesis Mint Pass?

a. The WK Mint Pass is your golden ticket to the WK NFT project; providing exclusive WK DAO membership, tiered access to FREE season mints, ticket/crypto giveaway eligibility, and more.

b. Each mint pass represents one vote within the WK DAO and 1/1180th of WutKraken NFT project ownership.

c. WK Team will be giving away tickets to THREE Inaugural season hockey games to mint Pass hodlers at various milestones of Genesis launch

So lets say we expand to Miami next, and then Austin. Do I get free mint slots for that project?

a. Yup :)

When is the Genesis Launch?

a. Official launch date and details will be announced in discord/socials

What is QR/NFC?

a. QR codes are the square little black and white deals we’ve been scanning at restaurants to view menus, or during superbowl commercials

b. NFC stands for near field communication. This is a set of protocols allowing for contactless exchange of data over a short distance. You may have used this technology by “tapping” your phone to a ticket reader to get into a sporting event (like at Climate Pledge Arena)

How long is your Seattle Kraken season ticket contract for?

a. We signed a 3-year contract meaning we are committed through the 2023/2024 season. NFTs aren’t going anywhere, and neither are we. We fully intend on not only renewing but expanding our seat selection if there’s enough interest. (Sonics are coming!!!). We may even be able to provide an “in” for the DAO to purchase and manage their own seats.



Hand drawn collections from local artists offering exclusive access to Seattle Kraken hockey games, events, & more. Tokenize your experience on the blockchain!

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Hand drawn collections from local artists offering exclusive access to Seattle Kraken hockey games, events, & more. Tokenize your experience on the blockchain!